Christine Cheng’s Letter to a Freshman

Miss Kuntzsch , Editor

Dear Freshman,

To be honest I don’t know where to start on this. I have so many memories and so many events that happened throughout my years in high school. There have been many bad and also good things that happened. I’m grateful for all the friends and people I met throughout the years. Even though not everyone that I’ve met or have become friends with stayed, in the end, it all taught lessons to me, and I’m still grateful for them no matter what. Some things are just going to happen, and there may be no way to avoid them, but that doesn’t mean you can move on and learn from them or even mend them to get closure from it.  I’ve learned throughout the years that you need to think and care for yourself once in a while even if you think of others before yourself. Being selfless isn’t always going to get you anywhere, and sometimes it may just hurt you in the end. Because not everyone is going to do the same things back for you. People will end up taking you for granted for your kindness and helping hand and it’s not bad to be kind and a helping hand, you just need to know and make sure that whatever you’re doing is doing good to yourself and not hurting you, like care for yourself while also caring for others at the same time but putting yourself ahead of others when necessary. 


There have been many things I have learned from school. I’ve learned that there are some teachers that will and are going to be your best friends, and it’s the best thing because you can always hang out in their classroom and talk to them and just enjoy class while also learning. One main thing I have learned in school is that you should just be yourself, don’t be afraid to show who you are. If you’re a quiet and shy person then so be it; you don’t have to try to fit in or live up to anyone’s expectations. Because expectations are what can destroy you in the end. If people judge you, then don’t mind them; they don’t know the real you. They’re probably jealous or something and don’t have anything else fun to do except make fun of someone and degrade them. Always try to find friends who like you for who you are and not the act you may put up to appeal to others. Because once you find them, they’re going to be the real ones. 


Overall just have fun in high school. There may be lots of work and stress that come along with it, and even if it doesn’t seem worth it, in the end, it’s still a high school experience. In the future you may look back and think of all the happy memories you made in your high school experience and may want to even go through some of it again to feel the excitement from it. 


Christine Cheng 

Class of 2022