Wordle is the Latest Craze By: Brandon Blanco


Sofia Dessart, Editor

By: Brandan Blanco

Wordle is a popular brain game that is used by all ages. It’s so popular the order is number 18 in the US. It’s a habit for many to complete the Wordle every day. Not only is it fun, but it’s also extremely challenging and highly competitive among friends.

The goal of the game is to find a five-letter word that matches the word of the day. You get six tries to find the word of the day. If a letter in the word you enter is Yellow the letter is in the word but it is misplaced. If the letter is  Green, it is in the correct place in the word of the day. Finally, if the letter is grey it does not appear in the word of the day. Unfortunately, when a player loses they don’t get any credit. 

The Wordle also trains the player’s brain by using harder and more advanced words. This helps you in the real world by training your brain to think critically and problem-solve. Senior Cassandra Piazza said, “Wordle has become an addiction. I love it, and I make EVERYONE PLAY.” 

The Wordle has inspired many spinoff games including Globle,  Hurdle, Girdle, and many others. Many players fell in love with this game due to enhancing their vocabulary and training their brains for any circumstance. The Wordle took over the world by storm and the people everywhere love it. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot, but be prepared for a challenge!

By: Brandan Blanco