A Netflix Show to Binge: Outer Banks

May Hefetz, Writer

     Outer Banks is a Netflix show that was released during lockdown, which left many people ready to binge it and was one of the top shows on Netflix. Season 1 was an absolute success on the streaming platform, which led to the series renewal for Season 2 in late July 2020. Each of the seasons has 10 episodes. It’s mainly targeted to young people and is a soapy drama. The show is about a group of “Pogue” teenagers, or working-class kids, who live at The Cut, an area on Kildare Island, and are determined to find out what happened to the lead’s missing father. 

     It seems like they pay the price for all the disruption between the groups, since they aren’t nearly as wealthy and well-established. John B (Chase Stokes), J.J. (Rudy Pankow), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and Kiara (Madison Bailey) are all part of the Pogues, and they surely defy the odds at all times. An evident moment was when Pope got beat up by Topper (Austin North) and Rafe (Drew Starkey), members of the wealthy Kooks gang, on the golf course and they didn’t receive any punishment for it. Meanwhile, when Pope sinks Topper’s ship as payback, he is almost sent to juvenile prison. Amongst these two groups, there are two characters who were born privileged, but time and time again struggle to identify themselves as Kooks. For instance, Kiara, a.k.a Ki, is the daughter of a wealthy restaurant owner, but she still prefers hanging out with the teens from the “wrong side of the island;” the Cut. The same can be said about the dirty blonde “princess” Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline). Born and raised on the Figure Eight island, Sarah started off dating Topper and mingling with other people from her crew, but once she joins John B. on a getaway to search for the documents that belonged to the previous owner of her extremely expensive property, Sarah not only falls for John B, but notices that she feels more at ease with the Pogues than the Kooks. Her parents were not happy about her going out with John B. Her friends were all on a hunt to find the truth about John’s dad, they all go a mission without Sarah to find the gold, which is the real prize needs to be found.

   In season two we come to find out that both Sarah and John B survive the storm that left us on a cliffhanger in season one in addition to finding out that John B’s name was cleared of all the trouble that he did in the first season. This season we find out that they reunited with the Pogues and now they are on a mission to find a cross.

     John’s dad and brother were planning a trap to steal it from them. In that scene, they introduce a few more characters; one of whom is Cleo (Carlacia Grant) who they saw them went they went to the Bahamas in the previous episode. When Sarah and John had escaped the twin when they both got caught. Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell) is desperate to get her hands on the cross in order to obtain its supposed healing powers, as she’s dying from an unknown disease. Just when it seemed like Outer Banks was going to end on a visual of the Pogues living their best if not stranded lives on a deserted Caribbean beach, the Netflix series’ action moved to Barbados to reveal something many fans will come to find shocking. Sarah’s father and brother both planned to kill themselves when the yacht had exploded, the show tries to hit the fact that John and Rafe has arrested them. Season 2 ended when we find out that Ward is alive and Rafe appears with the gold and the cross. We see Kie’s mom putting up posters, and the police holding a press conference that shows which includes the townspeople think the Pogues are dead or missing. Seeing that the Pogues can’t stay on a deserted island forever, we’re expecting them to make it back to the Outer Banks. That is, if the show gets a new season. After all, there’s something we have to know. The Pogues somehow end up on an abandoned island with no water or food, but at least they’re safe. As for Limbrey, the last few scenes of season two show her meeting up with the previously presumed dead Big John, John B’s father, who promises to help Limbrey find the Shroud of Turin, a magical healing cloth that was supposedly hidden in the gold cross, as long as she aids John B and his friends. To find out how John’s Dad survived, we must hope Netflix releases another season of the smash hit, Outerbanks.