A Long Island Girl Went Missing


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Pictures of Gabby Petito and her boyfriend/fiance before her disappearance

May Hefetz, Writer

A 22-year-old girl Gabby Petito who went missing and  Brain Laundrie, 23, who is her fiance as stated in the media. Had a road trip in a white van from New York through the American West this summer, all while regularly posting photos and stories to their social media pages with the hashtag called the #vanlife. Gabby is the one who went missing and became a world search on September 11th. But her parents had lost contact back on August 21 of 2021 and were very supposition about the text they were receiving. She and her fiance Brian Laundrie were both travelers and loved to document their life on social media showed they were a happy couple also as many people say. But on September 11th her parents received a text which was the cause of the media’s search. They both are young and had lots of arguments throughout their travels and one incident that was caught on camera was when they were spotted in Utha someone witnesses them arguing and reported it to the police. The report was caught on video showing possible mental health concerns and tension between the two, officers ultimately determined the events did not add up to chargeable crimes. That is when they also took steps to separate the two for the evening in an effort to prevent any other issues. Laundrie’s sister also issued a statement to ABC News praising Petito for her relationship with Laundrie’s nephews.

“Gabby was a fun and loving influence to ‘the boys’ as she always referred to them. We will cherish the time we spent with her,” Cassie Laundrie said in the statement. The search began when Brian returned back to Florida on September 1 and with the van that they were both seen and traveled with, but without Gabby. On September 11 around 6:55 pm, the petitio family called Suffolk police to report Gabby as missing. After days of looking for Gabby without the help of Brian, Brian went missing and was on the lookout when they began to search his home. His family and his home were under investigation and the US District Court of Wyoming issued a warrant for Laundrie, according to the FBI’s Denver field office, after a grand jury indicted him for his “use of unauthorized devices after Petito died. At this point, Brian’s family was concerned that he was missing for a long time and was scared he might hurt himself as said in many sources Searchers spent a fifth unsuccessful day on Thursday looking for Laundrie in the Carlton Reserve near his parents’ home in Florida. After long periods of time Authorities in Jackson, Wyoming, have sadly confirmed that the body of Gabby was found near a campground in Grand Teton National Park. Officials were searching the park for Gabby Petito. And they said the body found matched the description of Petito. But an autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday to confirm the identity. According to the FBI, the manner of death is considered a homicide. As of September 24, 2021 brain is still missing, and is issued a warrant for a person of interest. Many people are searching for him and believe he is out of the country.

On Monday, attorney Steven Bertolino, who represents Brian’s parents, Chris and Roberta, said his clients do not know where Brian is. On Monday the dog bounty hunter went to Laundrie’s home and Duane “Dog” Chapman told Fox News he received a tip that Brian Laundrie and his parents camped together at Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas County in early September. Chapman claims the family took two trips to Fort De Soto, from Sept. 1-3 and Sept. 6-8. As The bounty hunter told The media that day that he planned to catch Laundrie was by his 24th birthday which is November 18th. He said many early tips he received on his 833-TELLDOG hotline pointed to Laundrie being somewhere along the Appalachian trail, where he was known to spend time camping. He stated that there’s not going to be an end until we find him. More FBI was sent to his home and to his parents to find more advanced and During the agency’s visit to the family home, “The FBI requested some personal items belonging to Brian Laundrie to assist them with DNA matching and Brian’s parents provided the FBI with what they could,” the Laundries’ lawyer, Steven Bertolino, told multiple news outlets. More news reports have been talked about recently about how Brian has purchased a phone ten days before he claimed to be missing by his parents. As many news had reported Wednesday that Laundrie was spotted “with an older woman” inside one of the cell phone stores in North Port, where he was living with his parents and his fiancée, Gabby Petito. The report states that the phone was purchased on Sept. 14, but Bertolino said the purchase was made 10 days earlier. To this day brian is missing and is still under lots of investigative in the hope to end this trial when there is more information that is shared with the public.